Businesses selecting a new online payment solution must consider all shipping methods they wish to offer customers. The shipping methods will vary by price and location. The business must have an active account with each shipping choice. The payment solution must calculate the shipping rates properly and make adjustments for select shipments based on local laws and customs requirements. A local vendor provides exceptional choices for all businesses.

Standard Postal Services

Standard postal services are the least-costly option for most consumers. If the consumer lives in a region that is near the company, the standard shipping selection is a better option. The payment solution provides the exact cost for the standard shipping option. Tracking through the USPS is available once the package is shipped.

Expedited Shipping Choices for Customers

Services such as Fed-Ex and UPS provide expedited shipping choices. Consumers can choose from the services and designate whether they wanted to decrease the shipping time. The fees for the option and duration are listed with each shipping selection. As the consumer makes their choice, the checkout system provides the full price for the transaction.

Management Of Customs Requirements

Shipments that are sent to other countries must meet all customs regulations. The packages must possess all customs forms when they are shipped. If the documents are not completed properly, the shipment is either sent back to the company or discarded. The issues lead to higher costs for the company and make customers unhappy. When reviewing online payment solutions and shipping choices, the business owner must choose a system that mitigates the risks.

Update and Alerts About Shipping Laws

Companies that sell their products in a larger number of countries must adhere to all local laws. For instance, it is illegal to ship items such as religious documents and products into certain areas of the Middle East. The business owner must review all shipping restrictions before offering their products to customers in the region.

Shipping features are assessed when a business integrates a new payment solution into their current design. The payment systems must provide accurate shipping fees according to the consumer’s location. It must also provide alerts when laws prohibit certain shipments. Businesses that want to learn more about the shipping features for their online payment solution can contact BlueSnap right now.